SwordandKeyboard: Rift the Game Forums, Errupting with Mad Gamers!!!

WOW! It is a revolution my friends! Rift the game is maybe now rift the slain? It seems rift which 2 months ago was being propped up as a WOW killer and revolutionary MMO is now being crucified on there own forums for major game flaws.

Rift seems to be a Delightful new fresh approach with tons to do is now being taunted on there own forums as another flop. Is this true? Or is this just ramblings of over opinionated gamers?

Below is things Rift does a fantastic job at… better then any other new mmo I personally have seen. I have played about 15 -20 start up mmo’s, this has been smoothest launch i have ever seen. Other then the bad decision making of adding 30 servers the 1st week I think the launch has been amazing.

Lets work this out… major things a MMO needs to be successful?

A+ Smooth Game Play …. check!
A+ Really good graphics …. check!
A+ Tons of Quests ………. check !
A+ Solid amounts of Content check!
A+ Dedicated Staff …………. Check!


Level 50 problems in Rift – boring and not properly planned out….

So what is the problem? The problem is subscribers are sick of paying money for games that promise a lot then fail to meet promises.
This Dev promises following:


PC GamesE3 2012 – <a …=”” 10=”” 20=”” 4=”” 50=””

Rift is not world of warcraft (a game i cannot stand but is 100 x more to do then rift), hell rift is not even as good as conan or warhammer if your a pvper. Rifts basically are a rip off of warhammer’s bo / pq system, atleast warhammer had a group finder, guild bank, and even a guild finder. Rift is a game that is amazing and boring at the same time a hard thing to accomplish, this is something that is hard to achieve in the gaming world.

My hope is they fix there game and work as hard in the next year as they have worked in the past year. They still can be a huge success. Its not to late.

Seriously wow has nothing to worry about.


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