mail barrage

This was emailed to me sept 7th then 3 weeks later I get another email Iracing is cutting costs………. Well advertising that you have aids for crappy drivers is not going to get people back. Sorry but to the intermediate or advanced online racer hearing that your drivers need to rely on computerized aids does not appeal to me nor does it make me stand up and say WOW i need to re update my subscription.

email below :
What’s new at iRacing? A lot! Why not check it our for yourself by reactivating your account with this special offer:
Reactivate your account today and
get 3 months for the price of 1 month!
So much is new at iRacing. Check out some of the most recent additions:
•Tournament racing
•The HPD ARX-01C and Ford GT race cars
•The new NASCAR Nationwide Series car
•Suzuka Circuit and Iowa Speedway
•Integrated text chat right on the member site
•Driving aids are now available in rookie series and hosted sessions
•Racing line
•Braking assist
•Throttle assist
•Much, much more
To take advantage of this renewal offer login to your existing account by clicking here (please do not create a new account). Once you have logged in to your account follow these steps:
1.Click the Renew Subscription button.
2.Choose 3 Months from the Subscription Choices drop down.
3.Then choose payment method and fill out/review the billing and shipping information.
4.Accept the Terms and Agreements and then click the Next button.
5.Copy and Paste, or type the promotion code you were given (shown below in red) and then click Apply and Confirm.
6.Review the Description and Price (will have been adjusted to the promotional price) and then click Next and follow along with the rest of the online instructions.

as usual to many rules and to complicated!
feel free to comment –


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