sWORD AND KEYBOARD: Menu Based Games ? f2p?

SwordandKeyboard.com Reports:

In my not so humble opinion I think the current saying ”free to play games ” or “F2P” is the WRONG wording.

They should be called MENU based games. A term I have heard no one call these f2p games is MENU based.

Because really that is what they are. All games come at a price I don’t care what anyone says.

At the very least there is a price on your time alone.

But menu based packaging is good for gaming, it builds communities. Of course your going to get the idiots that spout that ”f2p ” encourages those with bad behavior to infect there community or favorite free game or game that’s pay but considering a menu based approach.

That is a fail opinion. I have played some of the most exclusive games available some games that cost me a fortune to play.
Those games had just as many idiots as free 2 play games. So people think monitary requirement makes people act like less of an idiot? Wrong.

Infact I have seen thought process I paid to play this game I can say or act poorly, whatever, whenever, I want mentality many times.

Well I am saying what I want… call the F2P market Menu based. Your selecting price packages from a menu
sure some people choose not to pay anything but the name free to play in a way cheapens the sound of the game to many people and is a turn off because of the misconception of bad behavior and low quality player base in ”FP2”.

It has misinterpretation as being a soup kitchen for noob and bottom of the barrel gamer.

Also there is the whole pay to win wallet warrior mantra trap that game developers fall into, because they go for the quick buck rather then ”CARETAKE” there community and games. Small growth over long period is better then money grabs that make good instant cash flow.

Good Example :

Don’t make games that if you pay it is a huge advantage, because people will quit before they even to get started.

Make the Menus fair and Xp related rather then gear and damage related. This makes for less instant cash but more balenced community. Plus a happier community.

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