WARNING: sixth mass extinction is here

I am one of few people that miss lectures of various sciences and history I was able to
have the benefit of attending at night school.
Recently I decided to start watching some of the available lectures on you tube.
Some really wonderful topics discuss by a plethora of amazing people. Individuals that have spent their entire life’s studying
various topics and then put on youtube for you to expand your mind. All for the price of FREE.

Free KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE that can be taken advantage by all ages.
In the last week or so I’ve come across the following 2 videos that really interest me and I thought
I would share them with you. Posted by Stanford University. Please take time out of your busy schedule to
watch. As a human being these topics should be important to you. Even if takes you a few weeks to watch, few minutes at a time.
you will question yourself what can I do to help the earth and my environment.

WARNING: sixth mass extinction is here

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