What is YouTube Red?

About Lon –

Honest, concise gadget reviews. I try before you buy!


I always disclose how I acquired the gadget in the video description. For product samples sent to me directly from manufacturers I disclose that in the video itself. Some products I receive through the Amazon Vine program which are sent to me by Amazon for review on their site. Many other products I buy myself, review, and resell on my store at http://lon.tv/store .

Sometimes I am allowed to keep the products sent to me, but free product never guarantees a positive review. When I receive products I review them. If it’s bad I will say so.

If you’d like for me to review your product, please contact me at lon@lon.tv or send me a note through YouTube. I am happy to send the products back after my review is complete. If you are uncertain a product request came from me, please contact me at lon@lon.tv. I have been impersonated in the past.

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