Part One: Your Rights as American Short Series

Part One: American Rights: Your Rights as American Short Series

Editorial: As people ””peacefully gather””, worship, or protest they must remember rights as US citizen.

That means don’t hold a event on a railroad track or walk on A INTERSTATE like idiots did a few years back not only endangering the group but others. In some of protests and gatherings people have no care for others which in my opinion make them deserving of arrest and removal, dispersion.  Suppose you go to a event that a city does not know about or it is unplanned? City does not have enough people staffed, and you cause traffic and emt or fire department can’t get to locations to save people? Those people not getting help is on you for poor decision making and involving your self in a poorly thought out event.

Looting, there is nothing worse then looters, they should be rounded up  in my opinion they disgust me.

Back in the 80’s I was out to eat with a girlfriend, we were in NYC, she had to go to the lady’s room. Cop’s came up and told me to move, i moved across the street giving them no argument.  I always showing respect for people and civil servants I obeyed, I was dressed casual well groomed and very much non threatening to anyone. I wanted to stay close to the building so I can see when she came out. Neither one of us had a phone back then, the police came up other side of the street and started questioning me. I answered politely. They wrote me a ticket for loitering.

While this was occurring my date walked out and was annoyed.  Pretty much ruined my night because I was annoyed. I had to take a day off from work to answer the summons or pay the ticket. I went to the summons date and argued my case myself. I won, but really i lost because i lost a days pay. But I learned alot about life that day. I received no apology, no refund of lost wages, and felt disappointed. I was someones ticket quota victim…. but for every guy like that there is two or three good cops.

I handled it the right way, without making it worse. But if I knew my rights maybe I could have talked my way out of that summons and saved myself a days pay.
Post them learn them, as long as done peacefully it is FAIR AND LEGAL.

Copy your rights download them and print them and keep them in your wallet.
Nothing says in bill of right’s that you need a permit that is political bs. If your being arrested when acting peacefully it is a direct act against  your rights and UNLAWFUL.…

Understand your rights as a citizen. Your for fathers fought and died so we can live the life we have now, make the representatives you elect stand for the rights you are born with.

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thanks for taking time to read this poorly written wall of text. on your busy day.

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