SCS Software’s blog: World of Trucks Contracts questions answered! Reports:

SCS Software’s blog: World of Trucks Contracts questions answered!: Greetings! Since the start of ETS Update 1.22 open beta,

Q & A

Q: Why is there the same limit of 6 hours for all contracts? 
A: Right now during the initial tests, we have fixed the time limit to be the same relatively short time window. There may be multiple server restarts during beta updates, and we wanted to avoid frustrating players who are mid-delivery if longer delivery times were available initially. In the future we plan to enhance this functionality, the time limit will be set individually depending on the job. Contract delivery limits are tightly related to implementation of future gameplay, and there are various consequences of what will happen if cargo expires (please stay tuned for that).

Q: I want to drive to pick up my World of Truck job, not be “teleported” to it. 
A: This is perfectly understandable, we aim to make this possible in a future World of Trucks update, for now we have started with the simplest possible “quick job” type of setup.

Q: Are you planning to convert your Single player game to Multiplayer?
A: World of Trucks is envisioned as an optional layer created alongside the existing single player game. We will keep improving the singleplayer experience and add more features and content to the standard game, but we do not want to overhaul it and “fix” what most players would not consider broken. World of Trucks should -eventually – offer an alternate “metagame” with rich – but controlled – player to player interaction, the possibility to form Virtual Truck Companies, and eventually to make it possible to share the same world and make up convoys in a shared multiplayer game. 

Q: The game is enforcing 90km/h speed limit for all World of Trucks contracts. I want to disable it. Why can’t I?
A: As the future of World of Trucks is the same universe shared by many players, we have to make sure all players are on the same footing and have equal opportunities as well as limitations. At the moment we are looking for the right balance between strict control of certain aspects of gameplay and the ability to customize the experience according to player’s preferences. In any case, at the core of the game there must be a set of “canonical” rules that everybody will have to adhere to so that there is fair comparison between players and their skills. The speed limiter currently looks like a solid candidate for such a limitation – otherwise people bending physical and legal rules would have an edge over players playing by the book.

Q: Can I change my starting city on World of Trucks? 
A: You will be able to re-select it after Beta. However, you don’t really have to do that. There’s no long-term consequence there, there is no such thing as a wrongly selected starting place. This selection is needed just to start you on the string of World of Trucks jobs.

Q: Why there are no World of Trucks contracts to and from Scandinavia?
A: Currently only the base game is connected to World of Trucks. Please be patient with us, we are already working on the system to allow you to connect Going East!, Scandinavia and any future map DLC’s to World of Trucks.

Q: I’m confused about WOTR Time and Game Time concepts, why introduce another clock if we already are used to how things work with the game time?
A: Based on initial feedback, it looks like we need to improve the presentation of the World of Trucks time in the game and on the site. The whole system is based on real time, not on “compressed” game time, for logical reasons – when there are thousands of people playing the game and sharing the same persistent job data, they cannot each use their local game time to coordinate their activities. And it had better be based on a globally understandable concept of time – like Coordinate Universal Time – rather than something artificial again. So all the servers will be using World of Trucks time, but for player comfort, this may eventually be adjustable to your local time zone, and also we’ll try to adjust things to displaying relative time left until a deadline instead of any absolute time listed.

Q: I don’t see how much money I get for World of Trucks contracts on the web?
A: What we are launching now is an intermediary step, a hybrid combining the standard single player game with a persistent online system. We will introduce a totally separate economy system into World of Trucks later, using different rates and costs (closer to real world) than what we established a few years ago already for the needs of the accelerated single player game. It may be a little bit confusing right now, as you are receiving in-game money for World of Trucks contracts, but it won’t be so forever.

Q: Why don’t I see fuel consumption for WOTR jobs?
A: We are working on it as we speak and hopefully by the end of beta it will be enabled in some form. Proper handling of fuel consumption and associated expenses will be a part of a later stage of development of World of Trucks when we introduce more of VTC gameplay. As of now with any truck you drive, fuel is still consumed, it’s just not so simple for us to report it as the online Contract job may be interrupted or even interlaced with a standard single player job.

Q: I’d like to see a map displayed on World of Trucks to help me choose my next contract.
A: We’d like you to see it as well. And we are working on it :).


Q: What happened to Volvo trucks sounds?
A: Currently the sfx are undergoing equalization polish. Especially the in-cabin sound is indeed somewhat in “unbalanced” state. This game update is introducing a new batch of recent real truck sound recordings into the game, things are still a bit raw in current betas.


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