Coverting Music? Handy Guide

Recently Ive been at doctors office very often and decided to download some toons and rip some of my old cd’s to my old school mp3 player.

While surfing I came across this gems and plan to add to it.. Unfortunately original person that put together the info from peoples input on the thread was removed. But still some good info. Despite being posted in 2000. Most of the programs discussed  are free or easy to get.

my own suggestion on flv to mp3 or 4 if you don’t want to download anything. Upload flv to youtube then download same file from youtube in mp3 or mp4 format. Only works good if you have fast internet service.

MP3 to CD
Real easy:

  • Get Nero 5
  •  Goldenhawk CDRWIN to write one big MP3 or WAV as multiple tracks.
  • Or convert to WAV (see below) and use any program to burn as CD-Audio


  • DONT USE CDRW media: They dont work on 99.9% of stereos

MP3 to WAV
This is very easy to do with winamp so no program list this time

  • Make sure that shuffle and random are off
  • Go to preferences (press CTRL+P or use the context menu options>preferences, thanks to dianelala for telling me to include this)
  • Select Nullsoft diskwriter as your output plugin (prefs>plugins>output)
  • Press configure to select the directory the WAVs will go (forgot to mention this one, thanks go to Lumberjack and Reverend Ike for bringing it up )
  • Load the mp3s you want to convert to wav
  • Press play and wait
  • Remember to set output back to waveOut or DirectSound afterwards, for normal playback.


  • The above works for other conversions like VQF to WAV, or even WAV to WAV, with the notable exception of analog CD (not 100% sure) and secure formats (read:WMA)
  • For WAV to WAV (eg. for converting an 8-bit 22KHz file to CD Quality, make sure you checkmark “Convert to Format” in Diskwriter config, and make sure “PCM 44,100 KHz, 16 Bit, Stereo” is the selected format).

CDex does this too, along with Nero 5

What you need is called a ripper.

CD to MP3

I’m probably missing a few progs, but here goes

  • Zlurp
  • Nero 5
  • And of course Winamp with the the CD Reader plugin as input and the WMA output plugin as output (Winamp 2.81 and earlier)

WAV to MP3
Lots of programs, many same as above

MP3 to MP3
No, youre not seing double. You might need this to save on disk space, copy file to a floppy or upload music to your portable player. The thing to note here is that even if you increase the bitrate the quality wont rise. So compressing with MP3 goes only one way
CDex -> Convert Menu -> MPEG to MPEG

  • The free version of MusicMatch bloatware, suggestion by Bruce
  • Winamp, with a MP3 output plugin of your choice. (See notes at the end)

note: i dont know about other progs, suggestions are welcome.

More tips here and here (2.9x/5.x)

use the WMA Output plugin (included in 2.63 to 2.9x)
or Nero 5

data mined from winamp forums

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