Star Citizen : the whipping post

Feb 16 2016

So Star Citizen as of Feb 2016 still continues to be the whipping post for haters, as well as those people that just need something to hate in life. Maybe they are jealous?  Maybe they got picked up by aliens as a child and mind zapped. Or maybe life is so bad they have to generate hate towards successful things?   $135,000,000 reasons for hatred? (correction $110,000,000 as I was corrected, but really not the point, whether 1 mill or one billion.)

I find Star Citizen and Elder Scrolls Online to be very similar in customer relations, A+, A1, and honorable companies, both get unduly bashed by haters yet continually go out of their way to communicate and treat customers with total respect. Something that does not occur much in today’s world.

ESO gave me a full refund at launch, and sent a nice letter hoping I would give the game a chance again some day. They could have been jerks, or ignored me, but at a time when their customer service center was under do stress they took time to send a personalized note. That gets an A+ in my book, and I will be returning at some point.

I often test the limits of companies by buying products, then returning them to see what reaction or service I get. Then report it on my blogs. It is one of the best ways to find out how honorable a company is. I worked for many years as a customer service rep for various companies and would not work for companies I did not believe in, no matter what the pay. I have also hired myself out as a mystery shopper many times, it is a great way to be a part of consumer protection and make a few bucks. It is amazing how people will act when the boss is not around.

So i have a great amount of experience in 3+ decades of work in many different settings from retail, mechanical, and packaging companies. I can tell pretty fast if a company is honorable or not.

What I find is laughable that people will bash SC for it’s lack of consumer grace, yet those same people have an agenda to prop up the ”other” current space game hit. That ”other” space game (not star trek or eve either) has possibly the WORST customer service of any game I’ve ever bought. Even after announcing on their web page a year or so ago that they were going to give refunds, they DID NOT. Hundred’s of people denied refunds even after they posted on their front page an admirable  notice offer to refunds. So not only dishonorable but conniving to look like a honorable company yet actions show differently.



”Bashing Club”

The Star Citizen bashing is more like a club now, mob of stupid people that gets bigger as it roll’s down hill. Stupid is a strong word I agree.. per hap’s even distasteful for gentlemanly chaps. But I think the shoe fits in this case. Most of the people I have come across have no clue on the facts and just rage to rage, most likely because that can’t afford or are jealous of people spending a lot of money on the game.   Or simply just blindly listen to derpy buddies who also got the story of lies and accusations 3rd hand.. so it all must be true.


Amazes me how many mis truths spread continuously about Star Citizen. SC could not be more fair with the things they have been doing to appease the customer. Really a sad thing how many people feel they need to bash a company that has gone out of it is way to be accessible to the public, and fair about pricing practices (for me if don’t like prices don’t support).

Last night I was watching ”live game talk show” on twitch and mods started bashing SC, in a unfair way, almost slanderous. Its one thing if you want to pick apart any games graphics or mechanics. But to make stuff up that just is not accurate about peoples honor or moral fiber to me is lame.  I don’t want to name the ”show”. I’m banned from their chat because I stated my feelings about it in a non tirade clean gentleman way. Not posting channel name because I don’t want to give them any more free advertisement, previously I had promoted the channel and they gained about 10 regular viewers because of my promotion. I regret that now. I like the host but just feel the bashing of SC for the wrong reasons is a rampant thing out side the walls of the fandom. Usually this kind of stuff does not bother me.. it is the unfair slander that puts a thorn in my side.  So If your a negative Nancy when it comes to SC … GOOD NEWS, plenty of haters out there you can still ban together and enjoy continued proactive cluelessness.

Honorable Companies


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