Sansar VR

Sansar is a social virtual reality platform developed by the San Francisco-based firm Linden Lab, and now owned by San Francisco-based firm Wookey Project Corp.. It launched in “creator beta” to the general public on July 31, 2017.The platform enables user-created 3D spaces where people can create and share interactive social experiences, such as playing games, watching videos, and having conversations in VR. Each participant is represented by a detailed avatar that is the graphical representation of the user including speech-driven facial animations and motion-driven body animations.

Sansar supports both virtual reality headsets (including the Oculus Rift, Quest 2 and HTC Vive) and Windows computers, and is free to use, with advanced features available for paying subscribers.

The good news, its free to enter, easy to set up, user friendly. The worlds looks 1st rate, and the avatar detail is fantastic.

Sansar VR world

The bad news
Extremely dead world. No one online on a Friday night. Sad really. Worlds look great but lack things to do.

This is perplexing during a time like no time in history before when people are looking for free social entertainment from there home.

Also next morning I received malware notification from zone alarm for dishost.exe i looked it up and its some kind of malware used in simulations … no doubt this was picked up when downloaded one of their player made worlds.

I definitely don’t trust downloading worlds in Sansar now and won’t be returning for a second look. Shame because the Avatars looked awesome. Dev is more then welcome to post a rebuttal below as I am not hostile to the product and willing to share my input in more detail. This service definitely needs better direction.

You can make a free account here and try it out yourself…

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