Rejoining GTA, my experience and opinions

Recently I rejoined GTA online, I  played GTA  over 3 year ago with a friend for a few weeks. I leveled to 150, never playing in open lobbies just grinded missions.

It was the very first time I ever played GTA online. I always played offline in the story mode by myself. I really always enjoy that experience of  just riding around on the in-game bicycle looking at all the billboards, architecture, modeling, and vibrant City. The game really is a Marvel so far ahead of any game that has come out in the last 8-years in my opinion. Recently cyberpunk came out and maybe has great potential but right now cyberpunk verses GTA online or GTA it’s not even close to what the immersive experience that Rockstar made. I’ve spent about 40 -50 hours watching people play cyberpunk, find it interesting and might actually buy it down the road.

So I joined a GTA only discord

I chose a discord that was one of largest on the web. I picked an empty channel, one of hundreds of channels. I camped out there for like 3 nights, 4 hours each night so I could get a fair feel for the atmosphere. 

While having a good idea what to expect, it all was still so bizarre in an entertaining way. Much like an old weird David Lee Roth video sort of way.

 People who join the channel of all types Random kids coming and going practicing their new found love for repeating dirty words for the very first time. Repeating those words over and over until you would finally mute them.

 I got one guy who came in the channel and was like ‘high big boy’. He was definitely trolling for something I don’t know what, and then people from all over the globe trying to shock you with mostly idiotic conversation. 

 All different types of people come in the channel asking if I was a modder and if I can give them free money. It seemed like no one actually wanted to legitimately play the game as it is.       Which is pretty sad as the game itself is pretty interesting. People playing a game based on con jobs, con jobbing the game itself buy cheating the game, just to troll. SMH, bizarre. Why even bother buying the game. 

Bit of repetitiveness when it comes to the Ceo / MotorCycle business quests but what adds to the experience is the randomness of whether someone will attack you or try to steal your potential assets.  As the weeks passed I found people I knew in other discords, owned modded accounts that they purchased. These accounts are just made to troll as they have billions of dollars and every weapon in the game.  All for a price of $40, I don’t understand the point of this.  Why?  For me this type of purchase is what contributes to ruining games and communities. It’s not just people from the usa either, its a global attitude of jobbing the game rather than actually playing the game. Same people I know bought this game preloaded with billions of dollars worth of weapons are the same people living in mom and dad’s basement and don’t have an upperhand in life yet waste money playing a game to get the upper hand. Sad really. Also sad Rockstar seems content with this type of client base as they seem to do little or nothing about it.

Yet try and load Nvidia shaders into the game to make the game look better you will get a ban warning. ‘’Makes sense?’’ ………  Scratches head.

GTA Future?

I am really looking forward to the next GTA, as i feel it is the greatest game made of the last decade in so many different categories. But I think i’ll go back to just enjoying the storyline playing solo as online is just not for me.  It’s a shame though because all Rockstar would have to do is employ a staff of  say 50 people, $14 hour interns to clean up the game. Price to pay is a drop in the bucket to a game that has sold over 120,000,000 copies and is growing.

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