Rust #rust

Attention : I wish there was another way to do this other then yes thumbs up or No thumbs down because really makes this review seem unfair and that is not my intention. My review is more pointed to my friends list.

If your looking for a game that is 100% dependent on player base to bring game alive that would be this game.

Its made for pvp griefing. Game has no soul. The engine supports really nice looking graphics but the actual theme of the game is a survivalist world and not made for beautiful buildings but made to look as its theme a minimalist world that you have to fight for scraps…. it portraits that 100% and well done at that.

But if your looking for a building game that looks eye pleasing I would say stick with Conan, Ark or Atlas. I bought the game because I was curious, did I get my 30$ worth of value. Close I played about 50 hours. I was on a well run server mixed with pvp and RP players. I will still play some more.

But my ‘no’ rating is not based on mechanics of the game as that all seems very good. My no rating is based on the lack of in game things to do other then base build and pvp. Game is 2 dimensional, lack of AI , lack of intelligent AI. lack of any in game guidance. I relied on my other gaming experiences to build the modest base I built. I will continue to play this game because of the server Im on. I’ve tried to play on few public servers and Hated that experience as I don’t enjoy shit talking or griefing. Its not my personality.

It your a PVPer and love to grief I would change my no to a yes. But most of my friends list that will read this are not the hardcore pvp type but everyday gamer. I don’t feel like most of them would really get much out of this game and find as not getting there bang for the buck as they would in Ark or Conan. Both of which leagues ahead of this game in entertainment value.

I hope the game devs don’t take this review to heart because I feel the product is good just it lacks any depth to create a immersive feeling. To there credit its is a game that does what its intended to do there vision. Would love to see this company use their knowledge to build another world building game but with a different slant.

I have been lucky enough to know a server master that runs the server in a professional was that splits the map between builder RP and pvp. So i was lucky enough to enjoy and learn the building aspects in peace.
You can search them out but looking for flashpoint gaming. They do a fantastic job maintaining the server and keeping drama down. Good rules set in place I highly recommend the group.

their discord : web site:

you can follow me on twitter @swordnkeyboard

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