Complaints, Assumptions … Whining Cha Cha CHA

Article, about  Guild Wars 2, and is similar to this article really.. its like get to the point already !
Important thing to know about me, I won’t comment or make Assumptions on things I do not know about in general. Once in a while I make a mistake because I am not perfect. If I make a comment it is because I have a question, or feel passionate about a topic. For instance if I look at an apple and say oh that’s the best apple ever, then you look at the apple and say this apple sucks.. I just don’t care. LOL, it is opinion based. I may not agree but that’s okay I feel differences in people make life more interesting.


That is your opinion I respect that. I won’t sit here saying oh everyone can see that is the most beautiful apple ever. Or say why would you complain about that apple or make assumptions without tasting it.
For me that is not my job in life, to correct others, maybe the apple does look crappy to someone else, how do I know I’m not looking through their eyes. Maybe they have an affliction to apples or whatever the topic may be.

If I taste the apple and it tastes DELICIOUS I will tell the world my findings. Your welcome to give your opinion, but when you start trying to correct me or insult me the gloves are coming off and not a battle most would like to get into with me because I am like a junk yard dog that will never back down.
Only two ways I will back down, 1 – fights just not worth fighting, or hurtful to someone, two – or I will admit I’m wrong. When its TWO it feels like POO to me, that’s why I rarely will comment on things I know nothing about. Because it would not be fair to those around me, and to be honest that is how misinformation is spread. I also will NEVER EVER sacrifice by beliefs to be part of .. ”the in crowd” or any ”group” or ”organization” or to further my self financially.
I treat my every day life in the same manner as I do my internet interests and gaming.

Never back down in something I believe in or frustrated about. It is against my moral fiber. I would have been an awesome public defender, some day if I still have time in life I may just may re- pursue a law degree. I have never been about the buck but have always felt disappointed there are people who cannot find protection because they don’t have enough money.
I am willing to debate on things in a professional (maybe a times a tad cynical) non personal way. If you have sold me a product or a service and I am not happy with it I will make it known.

It is not personal, just I’m not going to accept goods or services I paid for with hard-earned dollars and not get back the service or product I agreed on when purchased is that simple.

Friend or Foe or relative, I treat all the same when comes to this. This topic came to me when some one I hold in a positive light decided to correct me on a topic I feel pretty strongly about. Also worthy topic to blog about.
When things go down like that,I don’t care if Jesus himself tells me I’m wrong when I know I am right. If I feel my comments are truth I won’t back down. 

Now to the Guild Wars Chat –

I especially will comment on Guild Wars 2 because I spent 4 years playing the game and constantly had promise after promise dangled in front of me on fixing the mist. Prior to playing  Guild Wars 2, I played Guild Wars 1 from release date and owned and bought every piece of content they made.
So Guild Wars you can say was a hobby of mine, for 1st two years of the guild wars 2 game I spent at very minimum 20 hours a week, some weeks 40 to 60 hours playing. All played 90% in world v world area.

I am by no means any drop off the apple cart Guild Wars noob. (notice the 🙂 tie in) You can say overly passionate about World v World types of games ( player vs player ).
Guild Wars 2 pretty much broke my will and passion for world versus world games, the disappointment is so strong I have not been able to even log in for 4 months. I just was an accumulative let down that just piled up until could take no more.

Pretty much have relegated myself to single player games like GTA, Skyrim, games like that because they are what they are. Those companies and developers are not dangling fantasy misleading promises over my head to keep me playing. I liken the comparison to teasing a dog over and over with a strip of bacon and never giving it to them. After awhile the dog will smarten up and either not respond, or bite the hand.

Guild Wars 2 continually make these boastful announcements that: ” we listened to the players and blah .. ”  guess what? not once did you listen to any of the huge guilds I was in nor listen to me despite commenting on forums and your YouTube channel over and over. I still hope they will hear me at some point but it is too late now really. Almost all the people I played with that were truly top-notch world versus world players are gone.
Complaints, grievances, opinions, maybe. Fine line between those and actual facts at times.

I put enough time into Guild Wars one and Guild Wars two, to comment in a factual manner.

Mostly disappointed with the amazing potential for World versus World play never achieved.

What could have been ……    squandered.   hammer


Guild Wars 2 – Imbuing Life To Dungeons

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Age Gaming


So I’ve talked about starting to write on Mattsta.Ninja recently and my first real post came out earlier this week! The post is about dungeons and how I feel that dungeons need a bit of a look over.

To summarize the post: without friends or guild mates, it’s exceedingly hard to queue up for dungeons. With the exception of Ascalonian Catacombs and maybe Twilight Arbor. Also, for dungeon specific rewards and tokens, it’s way easier and quicker to complete the dungeon’s PvP track then to actually run the dungeon multiple times. I also state that I think ArenaNet shouldn’t have crippled dungeon rewards just to promote other modes they’ll focus on in the future like raids and fractals; even if they don’t develop further for dungeons.

Worked quite a bit on that post so if you’d like to take a look at it in full, you can visit this link!

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Crowfall : Ranger Class

Editorial – below is crowfall’s announcement of archetype the ranger. For me to many games come out year after year with same names of archetypes. While this may seem nit picky as a consumer of games I look for change, change creates interest as well as builds a story in my thoughts. Maybe call the Ranger a Bowman, Archer, Marksman? The last 2 makes one think of a precise class
that emotes danger or a threat. Ranger just sounds merely like someone who ranges around, no offense but…really boring.

All of the present mmo’s in development using same archtype… Ranger. Just decades of same class name evokes thoughts of dull, tedious, humdrum, flat, stale, should I go on? Or I could just use BORING.

The description below is as typical as my above summation of the class name… O my 2 fighting styles highlighted like this was some new revolutionary mmo innovation. 18 years ago Ever Quest had multiple fighting styles of the Ranger. I am interested in Crowfall but this does not excite me nor make me think they are doing anything to really think outside the box. Below is crowfall’s class announcement… 


Crowfall : Ranger Class –


As most of you probably know, we’ve been hard at work on our next archetype – and our goal is to add the Ranger to our next round of testing (Siege Perilous) in March.

We’re solidly “in the tornado” of development now, and this archetype is really coming together!  The base equipment set is done, the character is all rigged and ready to start integrating into the game.  That means we’ve started creating all of her alternate armor sets, designing her powers and crafting both her unique animations and her spell FX.

The Ranger is the most versatile archetype that we’ve designed so far, with:

  • The ability to hide,
  • The ability to set traps, and…
  • Two different fighting styles!

That’s right: the Ranger can blend between melee and ranged as the situation warrants. For melee combat, the Ranger is a natural dual-wielder (with a handful of cool dual-weapon maneuvers and great mobility) and for ranged combat, she uses archery (of course!)

This begs the question: why two fighting styles?

The answer is simple: the Ranger is our first archetype to use a weapon that requires ammunition.

Yes, that means you’ll need arrows to use your bow. As a fallback, when you’re out of ammo, you’ll need to draw your blades and get up close and personal.

Eventually her weapons (and arrows!) will, of course, need to be crafted…  For now, we’re going to drop bundles of arrows as loot, but this is just a stop gap measure until our crafting system comes online!

Here are a few quick renders to show great she looks!


…and as a reminder for those who don’t read our site as often:

Yes, there is a corresponding male version of this archetype, and

Yes, we will allow full appearance customization in the game at launch!

That’s it for today! Keep an eye here for more information about the Ranger’s power and playstyle as we push towards Siege Perilous (aka pre-alpha test 2.0!) in March!

Elder Scrolls series Turns 20

article on eso site:

Twenty Years of Elder Scrolls

Todd Howard, Game Director

article image

The list of entertainment products that thrive over a twenty-year period is a short one. It’s a joy to be part of one. When I look back over the last 20 years I’ve spent at Bethesda, I think how lucky we’ve been to keep a group together that continues to grow, both in talent and number, while being able to create games we love.

One thing that has kept the series vibrant for so long is that as opposed to simply adding to the previous game for a sequel, we always started over. It was our desire that each game be its own thing; had its own tone, its own soul. As the years went by the technologies changed, we changed, you changed. But the goal remained the same – to create a game that transported you to another place. A game that fueled you with the ideal of endless possibilities. A world you could make your own.

This has always been a partnership with you, our fans. The support you gave us each time has been amazing. The feedback, both positive and negative, made us better. When you spend so many hours, over so many years, on something, it becomes part of you. It’s certainly done that for us, and we know it’s done that for many of you.

There are many memories of what this series has meant to us, and to you. But I often think of one. When we were making Skyrim, but before it was announced, we were visited by a teenager through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. That day in our area, the foundation had arranged for several kids to spend time with President Obama, another with Spider-Man, and this amazing person with us. That was his wish – to see the new Elder Scrolls game. He was the first person outside the team to ever play Skyrim.

And that’s the thing not just about The Elder Scrolls, but experiences like it. They’re important. Yes, they are just games, or just entertainment. But how we all spend our time is important. The best experiences can fill you with the wonder of discovery, and the pride of accomplishment. The fact that you have spent so much time in these worlds with us, and have supported us each and every game, has meant the world to us.

And now The Elder Scrolls is ready to head in a new direction – online. The great folks at Zenimax Online have brought the same passion and dedication to that game that we brought to ours. And like the other titles, it will be its own thing. We hope you give them the same support and feedback you’ve given us for so long.

Where does The Elder Scrolls go over the next 20 years? Time will tell. But I know it will continue to be an amazing partnership with you. And we can’t wait to play it.

Until then, all our best,

Todd Howard

Game Director

Bethesda Game Studios

ArcheAge December Update

arch age

ArcheAge December Update Discussion Livestream: November 20 at 1:30 PM PDT


Join Senior Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai, Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry, and Senior Community Relations Manager Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next ArcheAge livestream! This week is a big week, as we’ll be unveiling what’s coming to ArcheAge in our exciting December Update! We don’t want to give away any spoilers, but this update is about to tackle a few issues that were sourced straight from the community. Don’t miss out!

ArcheAge December Update Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, November 20 at 1:30 PM PDT (GMT-7)
Duration: 45-60 minutes

Make sure to stick around to the end of the livestream, because we’ll be giving away 5 more White Tiger mounts, and armor too!

Discuss this article on the forums.

ArchAge players accuse video game developers of violating consumer laws


(link at bottom)

ArchAge players accuse video game developers of violating consumer laws

SAN MATEO, Calif. (Legal Newsline) — Three video gamers recently sued the developer of a “free-to-play” game over allegations that it misrepresented the game.
Aaron Van Fleet, Paul Ovberg and James Longfield, on behalf of themselves and others similarly situated, filed a class-action lawsuit in September in California Superior Court, San Mateo County against Trion Worlds, Inc. for allegedly violating the Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law and Consumer Legal Remedies Act, as well as for negligent misrepresentation.The case has since been removed to federal court.

Trion Worlds is the developer of a game called ArchAge, which is marketed as a “free-to-play” game in which players either advance through playing the game, or by purchasing virtual game goods with real world money or purchasing a subscription service.

The plaintiffs allege the company violated California law by failing to provide customers with the benefits it promises players who purchase game goods. Each of the plaintiffs allegedly spent $149.99 on a founders pack, which promised each player a “Patron” status for discounts and virtual gaming goods.

The plaintiffs allege, however, that the defendant did not honor its promises and has therefore violated consumer laws.

They are suing for restitution damages, an injunction against the defendant from further unlawful acts, court costs and attorney fees, and any other rewards deemed proper by the court. They are represented by attorneys Susan S. Brown, Karl Olson and Michael F. Ram of Ram, Olson Cereghino & Kopcyzynski LLP in San Francisco; Toby J. Marshall of Terrell Marshall Daudt & Willie PLLC in Seattle; and Venkat Balasubramani of Focal PLLC in Seattle.


178 complaints files at sAN Francisco BBB

Answered – BBB has not heard back from the consumer as to their satisfaction with the business’s response, or the business addressed the issues within the complaint, but the consumer remains dissatisfied. (178 complaints) – See more at:

Captains Log: MMO furniture Wars

Warning: Satire may be hazardous to all involved, readers should be cautioned about the risk of smiling, chuckling, sneering  associated with this article.

Author Captain Kirk
Star Date: Operation Furniture
Captains Log: MMO furniture Wars
Written for my friend at


Buckle up! I know alot about mmo’s, I was a spokes man for the first mmo World of Warcraft.
MMO furniture wars. It’s 2015, we killed each other enough, killed enough Murlocs
Quagen, Wolf’s, Worms, Centaurs, Orcs, Gnomes and other various creators.

I’ts just not any fun killing stuff anymore. So I told all the devs of various games, lets just all
make furniture, for our virtual houses. Devs said hey that might be a great Idea Jim,
we can sell all those houses and make millions. Instead of making games we can just be like Ikea but virtual furniture outlets.

I’t all started that way. I,  Captain Kirk came up with the idea. Now like 5 of the top mmo’s in development are selling make believe ships, cars, houses and furniture for millions of dollars.
Even better and more peaceful, you don’t even get to use them just look at pictures of those items,
this way making it more echo friendly. You can look at pictures of the stuff you bought then log off saving tons of money on the electric bill. You can brag to your neighbors about the $457 dollars you spent for a virtual castle and how by doing that your lessening your personal echo foot print
and helping stop global warming . They will think you are a hero rather then the weirdo down the street that never comes out of the house and has daily delivery’s from dominoes, larry’s sub shop and Piggly Wiggly.  Does not matter your lawn is 2 feet long, and garbage not put out in a decade. They all will know now you Sir are an environmentalist.

I as a spokesman for gaming think everyone should buy at least $100 worth of virtual home goods a month. It will kick start the economy. Especially with the success of Ikea and home goods, and more and more women playing, and guys that like pink fluffy stuff, why not, I can see a full blown industrial boom of virtual furniture, billion people buying virtual furniture saves on waste, saves trees, energy, and will greatly reduce the worlds carbon foot print.

Grand Parents just died? Hit the lottery? came into huge wealth. Blow it all on your favorite game..


Spend a few thousand pounds here… just a few examples…

Shroud of Avatar moving to a new location.

OCT 16TH 2015 UPDATE 147 NEWS LETTER provided and written by sota staff.


Following Backer Update:

In May 2013, just a few weeks after our successful Kickstarter campaign for Shroud of the Avatar, we moved in to Suite 300 of the Greystone One building, nestled in the hills and trees of north-central Austin. It is hard to believe that two and half years have passed since that move. It has been a tremendously exciting journey we’ve traveled with all of you during this time! We’re on the verge of launching our 23rd monthly Release, our backer community has grown from the initial 22k to over 56k, and the ongoing backer contributions have fueled our team growth over the years, not all of who are still with us, but whose contributions will live on forever!

The lease in our current office expires the end of this month, October 31st, and it is with a nostalgic heart that we bid farewell to these rooms and corridors that hold so many cherished memories of this historic path that we are travelling with all of you.

Today is the last day in our Greystone One offices. As I put the finishing touches on this Update #147, my officemates are packing up their boxes, getting ready for the big move to our new offices tomorrow. In order to conserve our backer funding, we are moving ourselves, just as we moved here originally. In the spirit of a true crowdfunded project, several of our local backers, and some not so local, have volunteered to help us move. Jack Frost and Kacey from here in Austin, Winfield is up from San Antonio, Jack Knyfe is down from Dallas, TX, Duke Ezekiel and a whole cadre of BMC members are in from Oklahoma and all points of the country. It is truly heartwarming to see the outpouring of support that our community has, not only for this project, but for each of us personally on this team, doing whatever they can, to help us as we all travel this journey together!

Here are a few pictures from earlier today, starting with our last morning Standup meetings to be held in our Greystone office (the guy in the black cowboy hat is Duke Ezekiel in-town for the BMC event, and to help us move), and Devs packing up their desks at the end of the day.

S& K Wishing them good luck in there new home.

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