Crowfall : Ranger Class

Editorial – below is crowfall’s announcement of archetype the ranger. For me to many games come out year after year with same names of archetypes. While this may seem nit picky as a consumer of games I look for change, change creates interest as well as builds a story in my thoughts. Maybe call the Ranger a Bowman, Archer, Marksman? The last 2 makes one think of a precise class
that emotes danger or a threat. Ranger just sounds merely like someone who ranges around, no offense but…really boring.

All of the present mmo’s in development using same archtype… Ranger. Just decades of same class name evokes thoughts of dull, tedious, humdrum, flat, stale, should I go on? Or I could just use BORING.

The description below is as typical as my above summation of the class name… O my 2 fighting styles highlighted like this was some new revolutionary mmo innovation. 18 years ago Ever Quest had multiple fighting styles of the Ranger. I am interested in Crowfall but this does not excite me nor make me think they are doing anything to really think outside the box. Below is crowfall’s class announcement… 


Crowfall : Ranger Class –


As most of you probably know, we’ve been hard at work on our next archetype – and our goal is to add the Ranger to our next round of testing (Siege Perilous) in March.

We’re solidly “in the tornado” of development now, and this archetype is really coming together!  The base equipment set is done, the character is all rigged and ready to start integrating into the game.  That means we’ve started creating all of her alternate armor sets, designing her powers and crafting both her unique animations and her spell FX.

The Ranger is the most versatile archetype that we’ve designed so far, with:

  • The ability to hide,
  • The ability to set traps, and…
  • Two different fighting styles!

That’s right: the Ranger can blend between melee and ranged as the situation warrants. For melee combat, the Ranger is a natural dual-wielder (with a handful of cool dual-weapon maneuvers and great mobility) and for ranged combat, she uses archery (of course!)

This begs the question: why two fighting styles?

The answer is simple: the Ranger is our first archetype to use a weapon that requires ammunition.

Yes, that means you’ll need arrows to use your bow. As a fallback, when you’re out of ammo, you’ll need to draw your blades and get up close and personal.

Eventually her weapons (and arrows!) will, of course, need to be crafted…  For now, we’re going to drop bundles of arrows as loot, but this is just a stop gap measure until our crafting system comes online!

Here are a few quick renders to show great she looks!


…and as a reminder for those who don’t read our site as often:

Yes, there is a corresponding male version of this archetype, and

Yes, we will allow full appearance customization in the game at launch!

That’s it for today! Keep an eye here for more information about the Ranger’s power and playstyle as we push towards Siege Perilous (aka pre-alpha test 2.0!) in March!

Captains Log: MMO furniture Wars

Warning: Satire may be hazardous to all involved, readers should be cautioned about the risk of smiling, chuckling, sneering  associated with this article.

Author Captain Kirk
Star Date: Operation Furniture
Captains Log: MMO furniture Wars
Written for my friend at


Buckle up! I know alot about mmo’s, I was a spokes man for the first mmo World of Warcraft.
MMO furniture wars. It’s 2015, we killed each other enough, killed enough Murlocs
Quagen, Wolf’s, Worms, Centaurs, Orcs, Gnomes and other various creators.

I’ts just not any fun killing stuff anymore. So I told all the devs of various games, lets just all
make furniture, for our virtual houses. Devs said hey that might be a great Idea Jim,
we can sell all those houses and make millions. Instead of making games we can just be like Ikea but virtual furniture outlets.

I’t all started that way. I,  Captain Kirk came up with the idea. Now like 5 of the top mmo’s in development are selling make believe ships, cars, houses and furniture for millions of dollars.
Even better and more peaceful, you don’t even get to use them just look at pictures of those items,
this way making it more echo friendly. You can look at pictures of the stuff you bought then log off saving tons of money on the electric bill. You can brag to your neighbors about the $457 dollars you spent for a virtual castle and how by doing that your lessening your personal echo foot print
and helping stop global warming . They will think you are a hero rather then the weirdo down the street that never comes out of the house and has daily delivery’s from dominoes, larry’s sub shop and Piggly Wiggly.  Does not matter your lawn is 2 feet long, and garbage not put out in a decade. They all will know now you Sir are an environmentalist.

I as a spokesman for gaming think everyone should buy at least $100 worth of virtual home goods a month. It will kick start the economy. Especially with the success of Ikea and home goods, and more and more women playing, and guys that like pink fluffy stuff, why not, I can see a full blown industrial boom of virtual furniture, billion people buying virtual furniture saves on waste, saves trees, energy, and will greatly reduce the worlds carbon foot print.

Grand Parents just died? Hit the lottery? came into huge wealth. Blow it all on your favorite game..


Spend a few thousand pounds here… just a few examples…

PVP and You and Me and MMO companies Reports: MMO’S I want satisfaction , Give me !!

Territorial battles. Wanted.

Instanced Battlegrounds in every game as the sole way to pvp is disappointing to me.

Here is my reasoning,

I am old school, I have no desire to be a superstar look at me im the best pvper, which makes up alot of today’s best pvper’s (NOT ALL BUT MOST) . We live in a hey look at me society in real life. The places you see real life pvp it is not about hey look at me, its about teamwork. (meaning war or police actions or freedom fighters)

Heck even building a mmo is more about teamwork. Every large scale teamwork based game I have really enjoyed has been territorial battles, I enjoy a soldier type role. I don’t mind taking instruction or orders from someone as long as winning occurs consistently. If the commands make sense I am more then willing to guard or defend or whatever is needed to succeed and have done so in many games.

While in war-hammer I was in a guild called Ruin which joined a server dominated by destro faction, they turned the tides with low level players holding back guilds that thought they were PVP pros by using strategy and tactics.

Of all the games I have played Warhammer and Battlefield Europe were the most fun to me because 24 hours a day there was a battle for territory. It was never ending. Now most games have these stupid battles in a space size of a few football fields, the terrain becomes boring day after day until I quit. Battlefield Europe, Warhammer and Planetside 1 and 2 pulled this type of frontier battle off better then any true mmo in the last 20 years.

I remember when Alteric Valley lasted all day long for one battle sometimes longer, then they made it timed. Then it lost the fun factor to me then. Not long after that I quit.

Global agenda promised global war and it ended up just being battleground instanced merrygoround as well.

Just wish someone would come up with persistent battles for territory and loot. One that I could play for a few years. Have tons of ideas on this if only someone would listen lol..

This void in MMO’S is disappointing to me. Hoping Crowfall and Camelot Unchained will not disappoint

feel free to comment below………



Also feel free to tell Crowfall and Camelot what you think …