Captains Log: MMO furniture Wars

Warning: Satire may be hazardous to all involved, readers should be cautioned about the risk of smiling, chuckling, sneering  associated with this article.

Author Captain Kirk
Star Date: Operation Furniture
Captains Log: MMO furniture Wars
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Buckle up! I know alot about mmo’s, I was a spokes man for the first mmo World of Warcraft.
MMO furniture wars. It’s 2015, we killed each other enough, killed enough Murlocs
Quagen, Wolf’s, Worms, Centaurs, Orcs, Gnomes and other various creators.

I’ts just not any fun killing stuff anymore. So I told all the devs of various games, lets just all
make furniture, for our virtual houses. Devs said hey that might be a great Idea Jim,
we can sell all those houses and make millions. Instead of making games we can just be like Ikea but virtual furniture outlets.

I’t all started that way. I,  Captain Kirk came up with the idea. Now like 5 of the top mmo’s in development are selling make believe ships, cars, houses and furniture for millions of dollars.
Even better and more peaceful, you don’t even get to use them just look at pictures of those items,
this way making it more echo friendly. You can look at pictures of the stuff you bought then log off saving tons of money on the electric bill. You can brag to your neighbors about the $457 dollars you spent for a virtual castle and how by doing that your lessening your personal echo foot print
and helping stop global warming . They will think you are a hero rather then the weirdo down the street that never comes out of the house and has daily delivery’s from dominoes, larry’s sub shop and Piggly Wiggly.  Does not matter your lawn is 2 feet long, and garbage not put out in a decade. They all will know now you Sir are an environmentalist.

I as a spokesman for gaming think everyone should buy at least $100 worth of virtual home goods a month. It will kick start the economy. Especially with the success of Ikea and home goods, and more and more women playing, and guys that like pink fluffy stuff, why not, I can see a full blown industrial boom of virtual furniture, billion people buying virtual furniture saves on waste, saves trees, energy, and will greatly reduce the worlds carbon foot print.

Grand Parents just died? Hit the lottery? came into huge wealth. Blow it all on your favorite game..


Spend a few thousand pounds here… just a few examples…

Shroud of Avatar moving to a new location.

OCT 16TH 2015 UPDATE 147 NEWS LETTER provided and written by sota staff.


Following Backer Update:

In May 2013, just a few weeks after our successful Kickstarter campaign for Shroud of the Avatar, we moved in to Suite 300 of the Greystone One building, nestled in the hills and trees of north-central Austin. It is hard to believe that two and half years have passed since that move. It has been a tremendously exciting journey we’ve traveled with all of you during this time! We’re on the verge of launching our 23rd monthly Release, our backer community has grown from the initial 22k to over 56k, and the ongoing backer contributions have fueled our team growth over the years, not all of who are still with us, but whose contributions will live on forever!

The lease in our current office expires the end of this month, October 31st, and it is with a nostalgic heart that we bid farewell to these rooms and corridors that hold so many cherished memories of this historic path that we are travelling with all of you.

Today is the last day in our Greystone One offices. As I put the finishing touches on this Update #147, my officemates are packing up their boxes, getting ready for the big move to our new offices tomorrow. In order to conserve our backer funding, we are moving ourselves, just as we moved here originally. In the spirit of a true crowdfunded project, several of our local backers, and some not so local, have volunteered to help us move. Jack Frost and Kacey from here in Austin, Winfield is up from San Antonio, Jack Knyfe is down from Dallas, TX, Duke Ezekiel and a whole cadre of BMC members are in from Oklahoma and all points of the country. It is truly heartwarming to see the outpouring of support that our community has, not only for this project, but for each of us personally on this team, doing whatever they can, to help us as we all travel this journey together!

Here are a few pictures from earlier today, starting with our last morning Standup meetings to be held in our Greystone office (the guy in the black cowboy hat is Duke Ezekiel in-town for the BMC event, and to help us move), and Devs packing up their desks at the end of the day.

S& K Wishing them good luck in there new home.

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