Sansar VR

Sansar is a social virtual reality platform developed by the San Francisco-based firm Linden Lab, and now owned by San Francisco-based firm Wookey Project Corp.. It launched in “creator beta” to the general public on July 31, 2017.The platform enables user-created 3D spaces where people can create and share interactive social experiences, such as playing games, watching videos, and having conversations in VR. Each participant is represented by a detailed avatar that is the graphical representation of the user including speech-driven facial animations and motion-driven body animations.

Sansar supports both virtual reality headsets (including the Oculus Rift, Quest 2 and HTC Vive) and Windows computers, and is free to use, with advanced features available for paying subscribers.

The good news, its free to enter, easy to set up, user friendly. The worlds looks 1st rate, and the avatar detail is fantastic.

Sansar VR world

The bad news
Extremely dead world. No one online on a Friday night. Sad really. Worlds look great but lack things to do.

This is perplexing during a time like no time in history before when people are looking for free social entertainment from there home.

Also next morning I received malware notification from zone alarm for dishost.exe i looked it up and its some kind of malware used in simulations … no doubt this was picked up when downloaded one of their player made worlds.

I definitely don’t trust downloading worlds in Sansar now and won’t be returning for a second look. Shame because the Avatars looked awesome. Dev is more then welcome to post a rebuttal below as I am not hostile to the product and willing to share my input in more detail. This service definitely needs better direction.

You can make a free account here and try it out yourself…

Half of the VR titles I am most eager to try are not games

great article by check out the site.

discordian bliss

While a look at the SteamVR Game titles coming in 2016 seems quite promising, the coolest things I’ve seen demonstrated over the last year weren’t traditional games at all – but rather “experiences”. That’s not to say there aren’t some really great games coming to VR, because there are, but while game developers tackle bringing current gen game themes to VR space, others are turning heads with original content so immersive and mind-blowing it challenges how we define a VR title.

Let’s start at the top – of the world, that is. Take Sólfar and RVX’s “Everest VR” teaser as a perfect example of a non-game VR experience, despite being built with one of the most powerful gaming engines.

Another room-scale VR experience that captured a lot of attention at recent road shows was Wevr’s “theBlu: Encounter” , which simulates a deep ocean shipwreck and a profound meeting with wildlife there. Here…

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How Steam in-home streaming can turn your old laptop or Windows tablet PC

great article:

Senior Editor, PCWorld



The process couldn’t be easier. Simply make sure both computers are turned on, connected to the same local network, and logged into the same Steam account. If all that’s set, a pop-up will appear in the lower-right corner of your screen, letting you know you’re connected to your primary machine.

steam streaming 1
Behold, the Stream option.

Your Steam library will be shared between the two PCs, and a Streamoption will appear for games that are installed remotely. (You’ll need to install the games you want to stream on your host PC first, of course.) If any of your games are installed on both machines, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to stream it or play it straight from the PC you’re holding.

That’s it!

If you want to try to play a game that isn’t offered on Steam, try adding it via the Games > Add a Non-Steam Game to my Library option on your host machine to try and force the matter. Valve’s streaming FAQ says that might work, but warns that streaming non-Steam games is not officially supported.

Trouble-shooting Steam in-home streaming

Troubleshooting streaming problems is also fairly straightforward, assuming your hardware and home network are up to snuff to begin with.

If your games are doing the jitter-bug—in-home streaming handles latency by dropping the frame rate, rather than dropping the picture quality, for some bizarre reason—open Steam on your client PC and head to Steam > Settings > In-Home Streaming in the menu bar. Under the “Client options” portion, you’ll see options for Fast, Balanced, andBeautiful, with Balanced enabled by default. Try dropping the setting to Fast.

steam streaming 5

If that doesn’t do enough, click Advanced Client Options, then open the Limit Resolution To drop-down menu and select a less pixel-packed streaming resolution option. With my setup—a hardwired Core i5 desktop PC streaming to various laptops over 802.11n—dropping the resolution to 720p helps even action-packed games stream with few hitches. (The frame rate can still get a little hairy in particularly explosive and fast-paced scenes, though.) My Wi-Fi doesn’t have to struggle for airspace with competing networks in my rural abode, however.

steam streaming 2

What, that didn’t fix the problem either? First, make sure the Enable hardware encodingand Enable hardware decoding options are, in fact, enabled on your host and client machine, respectively—they should be by default. You can also try enabling the Prioritize network traffic option on your host machine, or switching your router to the less-trafficked 5GHz spectrum band (if your router supports the 5GHz band). If that doesn’t work, it’s time to break out the Ethernet cables. There’s a reason Valve recommends using wired connections—they’re stronger than wireless ones.

Wrapping up

That should be about it. While Steam’s in-home streaming has officially dumped its beta tag, don’t be surprised if you run into occasional frame rate or input woes, as the technology is still in its early days. Some games might not play audio, or they might refuse to launch whatsoever. More frantic games may have hiccups. Again, Hayden Dingman’s hands-on with Steam in-home streaming can give you a good overview of what to expect.

valve steam machineCOLBEHR
Steam in-home streaming, along with Valve’s own Steam Controller and Steam Machine prototype (pictured), are laying the groundwork for Linux-powered living room “PC consoles,” but in-home streaming’s benefits extend to a wide range of hardware.

All that said, it’s held up remarkably well for me thus far. Sure, the introduction of Steam in-home streaming is meant to pave the way for living room-ready Steam Machines and make Steam for Linux’s paltry (but growing) library less painful, but it’s great being able to game on your laptop while you’re lounging on the couch or lying in bed. Merely plugging an HDMI cord into your laptop can bring your entire Steam library to your TV, and in-home streaming also brings the full Windows-based Steam catalog to Linux and Mac computers without the need for complex technical tricks.

Yes, Steam’s in-home streaming truly feels like magic, even though it’s not quite perfect yet. And once you’ve played a beastly modern game on a crusty old laptop that normally starts dropping frames when the word “Battlefield” is merely uttered, I’m sure you’ll agree.

What is YouTube Red?

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