Sportsmanship rules to live by, and many we forget.

A lifetime ago it feels wrote this up for online nascar league, re-wrote it almost ten years ago. Every few year I feel the need to re read this to ground myself to these principles as humans we all stray away as our mind likes to give us evil input.

please don’t copy and paste it. If you want to use it link it or give me the credit for it. Thank you.

Reading this article I wrote back in early 2000’s I realize how my own interactions have eroded over the past year’s, I can come up with a lot of excuses and reasons but they are just that excuses.  No ones perfect, but I think of how I used to be and it makes me not really like how I speak now. Actions and Communications reflect an image of what you want to be perceived as. Whether its negative or positive its just the way it is.

Yes unfortunately we must all live by rules and regulations, and no difference in RookieRoadhouse. Some of our rules may seem on fair to certain people at certain times but try and concentrate on yourself and your own behavior and everything will just be fine.

Were a group of adults and although were playing a video simulation the racing experience tends to feel very real and i think thats what the draw is to online racing games, we all want to get same rush and feelings that real professional drivers do, but with that comes the lows of wrecking being wrecked by someone else and just plain losing

I will give a few tips on good sportsmanship that i have learned along the way, the people you’re racing with are not computers as this is the beauty of this experience, and most always at least try to have same manners that you have learned growing up, I also realize that manners and the level of manners taught to you may very as well.

So i have one good tip: treat the guy next to you as you would your neighbor or family member. If you do this you will rarely get into heated arguments or debates over something that was not important in the 1st place.

Also try to get to know the administrators off  whatever league you are in whether is online of real life is a good idea to tell this guys or gals good job or at very least exchange pleasantries as most of the time this people are doing what there doing for free or almost nothing


it’s easy to talk junk behind a computer, but what you don’t know is what other people may have gone through just to meet you and your group online just to take part. And how manly is it to lk junk someone when you cant even back it up? or at least prove you can, so be a gentleman and you will be more respected over all.

Showing up in life is half the battle, as if we show up we learn and adapt. But showing up then abusing the privilege of being allowed to join is far different. One abuse in this group is swearing; there will be zero tolerance for any swearing or R rated chat period and that also goes for the symbols of those words, for example the much used WTF????  not acceptable and if the admin team sees you do this they not only have been given right to correct you but to temporarily suspend you. AS THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE TO GUYS ABUSING EACH OTHER. If you’re interested with that then go somewhere else.

I WILL repeat are theme sportsmanship guide here as i think its best to be read over and over


Sportsmanship is not about winning or losing. It’s about playing the game. A good sport always makes sure their teammates and opponents have fun. Winning is secondary!

When we lose without excuses, we acknowledge the better team, we place winning and losing in their proper perspective. That’s when we find out if we can be good sports.

Sportsmanship is the ability to win without gloating or perpetual bragging (don’t rub it in) and lose without complaining (don’t make excuses). A good sport will always treat the opponent with respect, regardless of the outcome of a match. Applause for an opponent’s good performance displays generosity and is a courtesy that should be regularly practiced. This not only represents GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP but reflects a true awareness of the game by recognizing and acknowledging quality.

The necessity to be well informed is essential. Know the rules. The spirit of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP depends on conformance to a rule’s intent as well as to the letter of a given rule. People don’t always remember the final score but they do remember the person that made a fool out of him or herself. It’s how you play the game that counts. Your behavior influences others whether you are aware of it or not.

Sportsmanship Tips

“Golden Rule” Do unto others as you would have, others do unto you.

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Cheer for your team not against opponent

If you make a mistake don’t pout or make excuses. Learn from it, and be ready to continue to play.

If a teammate makes a mistake, encourage, don’t criticize.

Abide by all the rules of the game

Avoid Arguments and always play fair

Respect the other team efforts

Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing your team and host location

Be responsible for your actions.

Have an open mind to others’ weaknesses and have a forgiving attitude.

Have pride in the team and one’s performance.

Be a friend, not an enemy, and create a positive environment.

Encourage others to do their best.

Remember it is a privilege to participate.

Practice sportsmanship in all situations at all costs.

Acceptable Behavior

Shaking hands with opponent to recognize players’ performance.

Handshakes between participants and end of contest, regardless of the outcome.

Treat competition as a game, not a war.

Search out opposing participants to recognize them for outstanding performance.

Applause at the end of contest for performances of all participants.

Encourage surrounding people to display only sportsmanlike conduct.

Unacceptable behavior disrespectful or derogatory comments meant to distract or antagonize opponents

Cheering when opponent makes a mistake

Refusing to shake hands or give recognition for good performances.

Blaming loss of game on conditions, bad equipment or participants.

Use of profanity or displays of anger that draw attention away from the game.



No one is perfect.  Wish only to aspire and use this as a reminder.


Sansar VR

Sansar is a social virtual reality platform developed by the San Francisco-based firm Linden Lab, and now owned by San Francisco-based firm Wookey Project Corp.. It launched in “creator beta” to the general public on July 31, 2017.The platform enables user-created 3D spaces where people can create and share interactive social experiences, such as playing games, watching videos, and having conversations in VR. Each participant is represented by a detailed avatar that is the graphical representation of the user including speech-driven facial animations and motion-driven body animations.

Sansar supports both virtual reality headsets (including the Oculus Rift, Quest 2 and HTC Vive) and Windows computers, and is free to use, with advanced features available for paying subscribers.

The good news, its free to enter, easy to set up, user friendly. The worlds looks 1st rate, and the avatar detail is fantastic.

Sansar VR world

The bad news
Extremely dead world. No one online on a Friday night. Sad really. Worlds look great but lack things to do.

This is perplexing during a time like no time in history before when people are looking for free social entertainment from there home.

Also next morning I received malware notification from zone alarm for dishost.exe i looked it up and its some kind of malware used in simulations … no doubt this was picked up when downloaded one of their player made worlds.

I definitely don’t trust downloading worlds in Sansar now and won’t be returning for a second look. Shame because the Avatars looked awesome. Dev is more then welcome to post a rebuttal below as I am not hostile to the product and willing to share my input in more detail. This service definitely needs better direction.

You can make a free account here and try it out yourself…

Complaints, Assumptions … Whining Cha Cha CHA

Article, about  Guild Wars 2, and is similar to this article really.. its like get to the point already !
Important thing to know about me, I won’t comment or make Assumptions on things I do not know about in general. Once in a while I make a mistake because I am not perfect. If I make a comment it is because I have a question, or feel passionate about a topic. For instance if I look at an apple and say oh that’s the best apple ever, then you look at the apple and say this apple sucks.. I just don’t care. LOL, it is opinion based. I may not agree but that’s okay I feel differences in people make life more interesting.


That is your opinion I respect that. I won’t sit here saying oh everyone can see that is the most beautiful apple ever. Or say why would you complain about that apple or make assumptions without tasting it.
For me that is not my job in life, to correct others, maybe the apple does look crappy to someone else, how do I know I’m not looking through their eyes. Maybe they have an affliction to apples or whatever the topic may be.

If I taste the apple and it tastes DELICIOUS I will tell the world my findings. Your welcome to give your opinion, but when you start trying to correct me or insult me the gloves are coming off and not a battle most would like to get into with me because I am like a junk yard dog that will never back down.
Only two ways I will back down, 1 – fights just not worth fighting, or hurtful to someone, two – or I will admit I’m wrong. When its TWO it feels like POO to me, that’s why I rarely will comment on things I know nothing about. Because it would not be fair to those around me, and to be honest that is how misinformation is spread. I also will NEVER EVER sacrifice by beliefs to be part of .. ”the in crowd” or any ”group” or ”organization” or to further my self financially.
I treat my every day life in the same manner as I do my internet interests and gaming.

Never back down in something I believe in or frustrated about. It is against my moral fiber. I would have been an awesome public defender, some day if I still have time in life I may just may re- pursue a law degree. I have never been about the buck but have always felt disappointed there are people who cannot find protection because they don’t have enough money.
I am willing to debate on things in a professional (maybe a times a tad cynical) non personal way. If you have sold me a product or a service and I am not happy with it I will make it known.

It is not personal, just I’m not going to accept goods or services I paid for with hard-earned dollars and not get back the service or product I agreed on when purchased is that simple.

Friend or Foe or relative, I treat all the same when comes to this. This topic came to me when some one I hold in a positive light decided to correct me on a topic I feel pretty strongly about. Also worthy topic to blog about.
When things go down like that,I don’t care if Jesus himself tells me I’m wrong when I know I am right. If I feel my comments are truth I won’t back down. 

Now to the Guild Wars Chat –

I especially will comment on Guild Wars 2 because I spent 4 years playing the game and constantly had promise after promise dangled in front of me on fixing the mist. Prior to playing  Guild Wars 2, I played Guild Wars 1 from release date and owned and bought every piece of content they made.
So Guild Wars you can say was a hobby of mine, for 1st two years of the guild wars 2 game I spent at very minimum 20 hours a week, some weeks 40 to 60 hours playing. All played 90% in world v world area.

I am by no means any drop off the apple cart Guild Wars noob. (notice the 🙂 tie in) You can say overly passionate about World v World types of games ( player vs player ).
Guild Wars 2 pretty much broke my will and passion for world versus world games, the disappointment is so strong I have not been able to even log in for 4 months. I just was an accumulative let down that just piled up until could take no more.

Pretty much have relegated myself to single player games like GTA, Skyrim, games like that because they are what they are. Those companies and developers are not dangling fantasy misleading promises over my head to keep me playing. I liken the comparison to teasing a dog over and over with a strip of bacon and never giving it to them. After awhile the dog will smarten up and either not respond, or bite the hand.

Guild Wars 2 continually make these boastful announcements that: ” we listened to the players and blah .. ”  guess what? not once did you listen to any of the huge guilds I was in nor listen to me despite commenting on forums and your YouTube channel over and over. I still hope they will hear me at some point but it is too late now really. Almost all the people I played with that were truly top-notch world versus world players are gone.
Complaints, grievances, opinions, maybe. Fine line between those and actual facts at times.

I put enough time into Guild Wars one and Guild Wars two, to comment in a factual manner.

Mostly disappointed with the amazing potential for World versus World play never achieved.

What could have been ……    squandered.   hammer


Half of the VR titles I am most eager to try are not games

great article by check out the site.

discordian bliss

While a look at the SteamVR Game titles coming in 2016 seems quite promising, the coolest things I’ve seen demonstrated over the last year weren’t traditional games at all – but rather “experiences”. That’s not to say there aren’t some really great games coming to VR, because there are, but while game developers tackle bringing current gen game themes to VR space, others are turning heads with original content so immersive and mind-blowing it challenges how we define a VR title.

Let’s start at the top – of the world, that is. Take Sólfar and RVX’s “Everest VR” teaser as a perfect example of a non-game VR experience, despite being built with one of the most powerful gaming engines.

Another room-scale VR experience that captured a lot of attention at recent road shows was Wevr’s “theBlu: Encounter” , which simulates a deep ocean shipwreck and a profound meeting with wildlife there. Here…

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