Dragon Age

SwordandKeyboard.com Reports:

So far I’ve played about 6 hours…  1st I would like to say this was not a planned purchase and I did not play

the previous DA games. I am not a big fan of EA and limit my purchases from them. Because of reasons I dont want to get into
plus I am a huge steam fanboy. (yes people over fifty can be a fanboy LOL)
Really love the artwork
Solid overall quality even on my dated machine (3 years old/ was all current parts when I bought it)
Lighting is awesome and I really think the frostbite engine is top knotch.
Keyboard controls – need way more commands unless im missing them somewhere.  For instance I cant figure out how 
to clear the screen for screen shots.
Controls –  a little hard to get used to but i am learning
Game Play story line
At 1st I was frustrated
But now i’m learning how it all works I am enjoying myself immensely.
On 1 out of 5  one being best I would say my entertainment score would be 1.5.
Excellent storyline, great characters, and story flows well. To be honest I am really surprised by how good this game is.
I tend to be really hard to please and if there is something to nag about I tend to hammer away.
Believe me LOL, trion got my earful on a daily basis in AA. So if I am not bitching that I got fair entertainment value
I will hammer the game everywhere, and make sure some other poor slob gets warned before spending good money on broken stuff.
I am not say others will or wont like Dragon Age but myself I am having a total blast. I am enjoying the storyline way more then I enjoyed
Skyrim. I find it more like game of thrones. Which I LOVE.