Dragon Age

SwordandKeyboard.com Reports:

So far I’ve played about 6 hours…  1st I would like to say this was not a planned purchase and I did not play

the previous DA games. I am not a big fan of EA and limit my purchases from them. Because of reasons I dont want to get into
plus I am a huge steam fanboy. (yes people over fifty can be a fanboy LOL)
Really love the artwork
Solid overall quality even on my dated machine (3 years old/ was all current parts when I bought it)
Lighting is awesome and I really think the frostbite engine is top knotch.
Keyboard controls – need way more commands unless im missing them somewhere.  For instance I cant figure out how 
to clear the screen for screen shots.
Controls –  a little hard to get used to but i am learning
Game Play story line
At 1st I was frustrated
But now i’m learning how it all works I am enjoying myself immensely.
On 1 out of 5  one being best I would say my entertainment score would be 1.5.
Excellent storyline, great characters, and story flows well. To be honest I am really surprised by how good this game is.
I tend to be really hard to please and if there is something to nag about I tend to hammer away.
Believe me LOL, trion got my earful on a daily basis in AA. So if I am not bitching that I got fair entertainment value
I will hammer the game everywhere, and make sure some other poor slob gets warned before spending good money on broken stuff.
I am not say others will or wont like Dragon Age but myself I am having a total blast. I am enjoying the storyline way more then I enjoyed
Skyrim. I find it more like game of thrones. Which I LOVE.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

SwordandKeyboard.com Reports: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™  Will be a big hit. I feel the game is very good for this companies first game. After playing the demo I felt like I wanted to explore the world more.

Mechanics wise I felt the interface and controls of the character is not to my liking but felt the game was still very much playable.
I did the trial version off steam. It is free and actually allowed me to play a considerable amount of time to actually get a good feel for the game. This is a game I would not have bought or reviewed if there was no demo. But because I got to try it out here I am writing about it in a favorable way.

I am not saying it is the best game ever but I give it a SOLID B overall.  I found it to be fun and entertaining. The surrounding and landscape .. beautifully done,  the story line excellent,  just fantastic stuff for there first effort.  

I have been playing these games for 30 years my 1st game like this was adventure on the atari 2600, and I can say that many hours could be spent wandering around in the amazing world they built around the indepth storyline.

My 2 videos on this can be found at …

  http://www.twitch.tv/swordandkeyboardor right here…

Great job ! I will also be downloading the trial on ps3 to see if it works as good.

Minecraft ConventionConventions

SwordandKeyboard.com Reports:

Tickets for Minecraft Convention, MineCon, Now On Sale

$99 ticket will get you access to speeches, contests, social events, and the full Minecraft release party.
If you’re interested in attending the first convention dedicated to Mojang’s pixelated building adventure, Minecraft, you better act fast. Tickets for MineCon just went on sale, and the dedicated site is already overloaded.

Set for November 18 and 19 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, MineCon will feature the official launch of the full Minecraft release, keynote speeches, build contests, breakout classes, costume contests, exhibits, and plenty of opportunities to get to know other Minecraft fanatics.

“Get ready for a fun weekend of everything Minecraft,” Mojang stated. “The first MineCon is sure to blow away all of your expectations. Set in the fantastic city of Las Vegas, we are ready to have the ultimate ‘block’ party.”

Tickets for MineCon are available now for $99. If you’re among the first 500 to register for the event (sorry, if you’re reading this it’s probably already too late), you’ll be entered to win The Ultimate Fan Experience, which includes a free Mandalay Bay hotel room for MineCon, VIP seating to keynotes and classes, and a meal with the Mojang team.