The World needs you something

Hello there.

I feel lucky, My house is warm, i have a full re fridge of food and can foods in my basement.
Just had a yummy breakfast and typing this from my living room rocking chair.

I am a very lucky man.

I … i…. i…. me… me… me… point of this is not me..

For 20 years I’ve listened and watched the world hungerthon on various local tv and
listened on radio. This year it really hit me for some reason.

Maybe there’s a way I could help. I been sick awhile myself and take care of a blind person.
So alot of time im in my own world. Thinking of my issues. But really I am lucky.

So last few nights and days I been tweeting, emailing, streaming, and just trying to just get people
to think about others that don’t have the very basic thing we need as a human.

Nutrition. My 10 or 12 hours of talking to people in teamspeaks, vox, text, may result in planting a seed (see what i did there)
in people’s minds to do something.

”When in doubt do something positive. ” So I donated my time. Last year I donated warm clothes,
and food throughout the year to my local shelter.

This year I spend 10-15 hours just chatting with people about hunger.

Whatever your passion may be to help a fellow person.. do it. Don’t wait..take action.

there’s things you can do even if it is not a money donation.. grow some veggies during the summer and donate them to the shelter..
tell your neighbors your collecting old coats to bring to a shelter.
(i’m going to volunteer my time every year now doing what I did this week. it cost me nothing and more I spoke about the topic
the more I would look for questions people might have making me more knowledgeable)

I want to share this site if you don’t mind… I been watching or listening to it every Tuesday for 20+ years on New York radio and tv.

The site was created about an organization Harry Chapin ( ) made in the 80’s.

What people don’t know is Harry donated like 75% of his money to feeding people who needed help.

don’t think about money or donating.. just read the site and think… what can you do for people?

thanks for taking time to read this poorly written wall of text. on your busy day.

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