gUILD wARS 2 : End of a Era

Warning this article may be bad for your Health. This is an editorial. I have nothing against Colin or Mike or any other dev, but gaming is my passion and I have an opinion, your welcome to agree or disagree in your comments below.

I wish both more continued success and gave thanks by buying and supporting GW1, GW2 products.

I’m Mike O’Brien, here with GW2 dev team. AMA!< — Developer .Guildwars2 Mike-OBrien-ArenaNet Hi Reddit,I’m here today to answer some questions and to share some news.The news is that I’m taking over as the game director of Guild Wars 2 for a while. Colin will be leaving us. Colin is a personal friend, leaving on good terms, and I wish him all the best.

How about lead off with always thank the fans of this game for paying our salaries but supporting the products we make? Instead..

”Colin is leaving to be closer to home”, should read like .. ”we can no longer afford to give Colin raises or  we are making so much money Colin who had been lead for years can work from home.”

The fact is Heart of Thorns is a was a huge let down for myself and thousands of other guild wars 2 fans. The amount of mistakes and errors made could be written on a scroll that could reach from NYC to London.

**Unwritten facts,  since 1st 6 month mark of guild wars2 the world pvp population of guild wars has hemorrhaged. Mass amounts of enormous guilds quit and left, I constantly told them how to fix the issues on their youtube page and other places and they continually ignored pvpers and churned out what I call fluff. (band aids and graphical extras to ignore the real issues) 

**They will tell you that is not accurate, because they have inaccurate sales totals that don’t include players buying 2 and 3 accounts during the $10 base game sales around the 1 year marker. 

** Server Transfer should have been disallowed without a FULL RE ROLL. The fact is they allowed huge guilds to Jockey from server to server providing them a ”crutch” to protect their precious win loss records. Which allows many of them to post unlimited garble on their front pages.

Great example : (from their web page) -PRX  (the-professionals) Prior to Archeage, in Guild Wars 2, we earned a record of 72 wins and 4 losses.  55 wins were in Tier 1 and we never finished in 3rd place.  We were a member of the most dominant alliance in GW2’s history, The Titan Alliance, and went 30-0.  [PRX] helped lead four servers in both the NA and EU brackets to world’s best.  We battled on the fields of the Henge of Denravi to Sea of Sorrows, across the Atlantic to dethrone Vizunah Square three times and then joined with a resurgent Jade Quarry to once again become world’s best.

I’m singling them out but there not the only guild to do this, just one of most well known (foe/ ruination and host of others did the same bragging, all while leaving torn server communities in their wake and not giving a rats ass while doing it). Fact is they tucked their tails and ran off ”Henge of Denravi” rather then fight. Their precious alliance broke apart so they quit the server to position themselves on another server just so they could make claims like the above. Zero Honor in that for me, it is the act of pixel cowards and not a good light to be in. Almost similar to long time US corporations pulling up and leaving for foreign lands, after using the communities and resources up.

Guild Wars 2 sat by allowing server merry go round.  Also Vizunah Square is a server made up of small guilds with very little NA time zone coverage, so big deal your big powerful triumphant pixel guild did a great job over taking NPC’S so you could make hollow claims of victory over far superior players. All in the name of E ego. Big Deal!

Why post all this in Colin sad departure? Because there issues that where never addressed or fixed in the tenure of his overwatch of the game. So many huge problems that could have been fixed to make Guild Wars 2 the worlds greatest PVP game, instead what do they do????? they add more and more FLUFF. 

 Under his watch… we give you…

Edge of the Mists compared to other World versus World maps.

  • Progress made in the Edge of the Mists does not count toward the Mist War score.
  • Different Match Up, Timing, Scoring and User Interface.
  • New features: Landmarks and Destructible bridges.
  • No Bloodlust or Ruins of Power.
  • Victory in the Edge of the Mists is awarded to the team with the highest score at the end of each match and rewards them with a supply drop in their citadel in the Borderlands map during the next match

Built fluffy (their is that fluffy word again) place for PVERS to run around and base trade so they can brag about there meaningless  over inflated PVP rank gained by farming low levels and NPC’S.

I knew at that point Edge of Mist came out the game was finished. Rather then fix the issues in the core Mist battleground they threw more FLUFF and spreading already thinned out pvp population furthering the PVE merry-go-round in the PVP zones.

”years he’s given to the Guild Wars franchise” , Guild Wars franchise gave him a career as well as a spotlight as well. Reason why he is leaving, I would bet my wallet on is this company is making cuts which they are notorious for doing in the past. Guild Wars last xpack was also not the cash cow they expected it to be and failed horribly in many ways, and spread the community even more.

Personally disappointed with Guild Wars 2 world pvp, at launch had amazing potential and continually worn away by poor dev decision-making, and Colin was part of that decision making. Poor job on heart of thorns adding more fluff instead of adding more intelligent fixes to bring the game to the PVP for-front that it had the potential for.

”Had potential to be the greatest mmo ever pvp- wise, fantastic look and feel and outstanding combat system.”

– and squandered the opportunity. Sad-face.


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