Sword and Keyboard: Diablo 3 vs Torchlite II

A lot of Hype right now going on for Diablo 3. I am not buying into this, so much hype for a overhead RTS game. It’s cool but was cooler in the year 2001 not 2011.

I cannot see dropping 60 bucks for a game like this when you can go by Torchlight on steam for like 20 bucks and looks as good …personally I would rather support a new company then blizzard which churns out same stuff over and over. Spread the wealth type of thinking.

  • Torchlite 2
  • – mod-able
  • – custom stats
  • – talent tree
  • – LAN!!!
  • – multi-player
  • – offline mode
  • – no online requirement
  • – death penalty
  • – only $20
  • Diablo 3:
  • $59.99
  • – p2w
  • – NO lan/mods/talent tree/custom stats and death penalty
  • – online requirement

Devs website:

torchlight’s official game page:

Steam page for torchlite:

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