My gaming history

This site including YouTube, complete passion driven love for gaming. I came up with the name swordandkeyboard name in 1996 when I was going to night school and I wrote a seething letter to a Professor because he did not stick to his promises to the class. So when we had a test that had nothing to do with anything that had to do with what was covered in class, I let him have it. I was in my 30’s, working 50 hours a week, with 9 hours of class and 12 hour a week commute.
His reply was.. your written comments cut like a sword. I didn’t write them I typed them on a keyboard. Rather then blow up I prefer to be honest. Some people don’t want honesty, they prefer candy coating. That just is not me.

Been in a lot of different guilds (some of greatest pvp guilds ever and some of most casual) over the years in a lot of different games, Lunch Box Bandits in EQ2 then one of most well known defunct guilds called ”The Combine”, spent a lot of time in Ruin off and on, OTG (in conan), just to name a few. I have been gaming since 1976 (my 1st pong console) , online gaming since 1998.

WW2 Online / Knights Online / EQ2 / Planet Side 1 / Pirates of Burning Sea / Conan / Warhammer / APB / GW1 & 2 / on and on. I even ran an online racing league that had about 300 members from 2002-2005.

Would love to talk about games your making, games your playing and my experiences if you’re the reader have an interest.

More about me less about gaming


>>  Gaiscioch Magazine

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thanks for taking time to read this poorly written wall of text. on your busy day.

(This SITE does not own or copyright music or artwork used to review games.)

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